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Don't Rush the RoKi Way!

The RoKi Team along with artists and friends joined in the fun and put together a cute video styling all RoKi Design scarves, which features:

1. Roslyn Bazzelle Mitchell - Houston Chronicle Best Dressed 2020 Scarf

2. Kimberly Phipps-Nichol - Repurposed Hermes Scarf as a capelet

3. Zsavon Butler - Primas Scarf (original artwork by Zsavon)

4. Jessica Dunegan - Nu Boule Scarf (graphically designed by Jessica)

5. AVM Hawkins - Light Scarf (original artwork by AVM)

6. Nancy Mathe - Truffle Masters 2020 Scarf

7. April Walker - The "D" Scarf

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