This FABULOUS pouch does double duty as a sleek and light waist pouch for belts/straps under 2"W or as a superb cosmetic bag for your designer bag. Perfect for travel when you need stealthy and quick access to your most used items without opening your bag.


Features a 100% authentic Vintage Pucci cotton on the front.  Dimensions - 8" W x 5"H x 1/2"D 


The back of the bag is a sturdy hemp/organic cotton canvas with sleek but strong elastic bands for looping around the belt.  The interior is lined in various upcycled or vintage textiles and there is a sleek coordinating zipper closure. Face fabric is reinforced for longer wear and stability. All fabric construction makes for a super comfortable wear on the belt while sitting. This is a one of a kind custom creation by RoKi Design.   Pictured with a multi-function wallet/notepad and iphone for scale.


Convertible waist/cosmetic pouch of Vintage Pucci Cotton

  • RoKi Design Re-Purposed products are made with vintage authentic materials and products purchased and sourced by RoKi Design.  We are very stringent about our requirements for the materials we use.  All hand-made products will also contain a RoKi tag to identify it as a product that was made from re-purposed materials by Roki, however, we do not claim or own any rights or interest in any of the original designer brands, trademarks or service marks. Depending on the product, we also incorporate other materials, such as organic hemp, cotton or silk blend fabrics to add additional support, form or sustainability for the product. Details of the materials used for each product are contained in the listing description.