Roslyn & Kimberly©Al Torres Photography

RoKi® Design is the brainchild of Roslyn (Ro) Bazzelle Mitchell and Kimberly (Ki) Phipps-Nichol. Both Roslyn and Kimberly have a passion for fashion, creativity and community.  RoKi® is the perfect fusion of all three allowing this dynamic duo the opportunity to fulfill a purpose, collaborate with amazing artists and support the causes that are most important to them.

RoKi® Design specializes in fulfilling a purpose, connecting with people and re-purposing goods for the home, as accessories or as apparel.   We create custom scarves, produce art on silk from renowned and up-coming artists and make up-cycled products from luxury scarves and fabrics. 


PURPOSE - Represents our custom line of scarves created to fulfill a purpose and support an organization which benefits the community.  These scarves are custom creations made to tell a story in a new and meaningful way.


PEOPLE - Represents our line of limited edition exclusive scarves created by a diverse group of amazing artists from all over the world.  


RE-PURPOSED - Represents our line of re-purposed and up-cycled products made from vintage authentic scarves and luxury fabrics that are custom sewn by RoKi® Design into beautiful pillows, tops or accessories for both men and women.