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Roslyn & Kimberly©Al Torres Photography



Founded by Roslyn (Ro) Bazzelle Mitchell and Kimberly (Ki) Phipps-Nichol, RoKi Design creates and produces distinctive custom scarves. Roslyn and Kimberly met through their professional ties to commercial real estate in Houston and formed a friendship rooted in their shared love of silk scarves. In 2019, Roslyn helped create a custom scarf in honor of a local organization close to her heart, and through this experience she fell in love with all phases of the scarf-making process, from design to production to distribution. Roslyn decided to launch her own custom scarf company, and in Kimberly she found the perfect partner for the venture. RoKi Design launched in 2019. The RoKi Collection reflects the duo’s shared passion for style, creativity, and community.


The RoKi Design collection consists of three lines:


Purpose Inspired Scarves - Scarves custom-designed to honor and benefit charitable organizations committed to helping those in need and improving communities locally and beyond.  


Artist Collaborations - Scarves created in partnership with a diverse group of emerging artists from around the world.

Re-Purposed and Vintage Pieces - Accessories and home goods handmade from authentic vintage scarves and upcycled luxury fabrics.


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