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Together, let’s tell your story on silk.


RoKi Design partners with individuals, groups, and organizations to create scarves that sing with purpose. Tailored to client specifications, RoKi custom scarves tell a range of stories. Whether narrating a historical moment, honoring a cause, or celebrating someone special, our thoughtful process is the throughline that grounds the collection in intentional, high quality craftsmanship. The result is an inimitable piece infused with meaning that will be treasured for years to come.


Step 1 | The Vision Meeting

To begin the custom scarf process, we meet with the client to discuss vision and specifications. Our goal is to leave this meeting fully understanding the story the client wants to tell.


Step 2: The Concept Sketch

Based on the details shared in the vision meeting, we draft an initial sketch.


Step 3: Collaborative Revisions

The client reviews the concept sketch and provides feedback and suggested edits. Projects typically entail two or three draft sketches before we finalize the design.


Step 4: Artist Identification and Rendering

Based on scarf theme and aesthetic demands, we identify an artist to make the design come to life. We work with a wide array of graphic artists, sketch artists, and mixed media artists from around the world, and we’re careful to select an artist whose practice fully aligns with the scarf’s concept and design requirements.


Step 5: Digital Printing

After the artist has rendered the design and the design has been approved by the client, the scarf is digitally printed. We work with selected manufacturers in England, Italy, and China to print our scarves.


Step 6: Scarf Delivery

Custom scarves are delivered in signature RoKi Design boxes. Each scarf is enclosed with a numbered and signed certificate of authenticity.


Interested in working with us to design a custom scarf? Email us at To learn more, watch our Custom Design Process Video.

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