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Featured Artist: AVM Hawkins "Light"

AVM Hawkins is an abstract American artist living in Houston, Texas.  AVM Hawkins was born in New Orleans, LA of Creole descent. AVM creates unconsciously—without any predetermined concept. She creates from inspiration, emotion and the subconscious. AVM began painting abstract art during her first year in law school. Ironically, in law school, AVM not only learned the practice of law, she also learned how to be an artist. The personal and mental commitment to pursue a law degree--- utilizing solely her analytical logical linear left-side of her brain, day in and day out, seven days a week, created a vacuum within in her soul. One evening after class, AVM took all of her frustration, seemingly negative energy from that day and released it onto three blank white canvases. AVM found a “space”where she could create without rules, limitations, self-judgment or fear.  AVM’s formal training of law, provides her the freedom and courage to push boundaries never before seen in art. AVM creates without fear and with authentic pure passion, exposing the divinity and infinite possibility in us all. AVM’s work is inspiring, captivating, always creating a new experience upon each glance. AVM’s art can be viewed and purchased by private appointment, online at For art inquiries, call or text 713.487.9685 or email Instagram at A.V.M. Hawkins. Facebook: AVM Hawkins Art.

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