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Re-Purposing Hermes & Pucci Scarves into Beautiful Pillows

Before our co-founders created RoKi Design, they sat down in 2018 to talk about the beautiful scarf products created from vintage and re-purposed Hermes and Pucci's scarves by Kimberly. The original post is as follows:

Roslyn sits down with Kimberly Phipps-Nichol, President of Blue Water Studio, an Hermes scarf collector and creator of the most beautiful pillows made from Hermes scarves.

The most versatile piece of fabric called Hermes Scarves has endless kinds of transformation which can look fabulous and elegant in any form. As they first came to the market in 1937, Hermes Scarves have had unlimited versions of magical, hand-made, aesthetical, luxurious and timeless craftsmanship that has never been out of trend. The luxury French house named Hermes, first started as a company that gain fame for its amazing range of the production of handbags, accessories, and super-fine legendary Hermes scarves.The scarves were produced by the brand exactly 100 years after the company was founded, and it was first created in woodblock drawing over imported Chinese silk.

The highly luxurious scarves with stunning prints and designs have always been favorites of the royalty, rich and celebrities. The most alluring part of these scarves’ popularity is that they have been used in multiple ways by notable people such as Queen Elizabeth who has worn them as a head scarf, Audrey Hepburn who has worn them in iconic ways, and so many more. The legendary scarves are created with exclusive and highly skilled craftsmanship which makes them the one of the high ranked luxury accessories of the world. The most stunning fact about the production of these scarves is that Hermes hires the artists to individually design each scarf. The scarves are designed as a piece of art and are often framed as a wall décor too. Once the design is complete it is forwarded for the screen printing in the factory in France.

The most amazing facts about the iconic Hermes Scarves are below:

· Each of the scarves has almost 27 distinct colors and as it must be hand silk-screened it takes more than six months to complete the process of creation.

· They are purely hand created, hand –rolled and hand stitched.

· Almost 750 hours are taken to engrave the original design.

· They can be used as a fabulous home fashion accessory.

Hermes Scarves as Home Accessory and Pillow Covers

Hermes scarves are utilized as a high class and most luxurious kind of home décor accessories. The exclusively hand painted and mesmerizing designs of these scarves can elevate your home décor and add a class to your lifestyle. Hermes scarves cushions throw pillows, pillow talk cushions are great fashion inspiration to give a pop of color to your plain home decoration color palette. The luxury silk and aesthetically attractive pillow cover design are a classy uplift for the entire living room décor and a touch of soothing style to bedroom design.

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