PRE-ORDER - Heart in Bloom for Go Red For Women® is a 100% silk twill scarf which is sized 35 x 35 in. (90cm) created by the Brighton (UK) based artist Vanessa Buchmann of Fleuriosity, which was customized by her to celebrate Go Red for Women®.  This scarf blends an intricate floral design of a blooming heart with impactful educational information about heart health.  Life's Simple 7® is incorporated into the border of the scarf and is defined by the American Heart Association (AHA) as the 7 risk factors that people can improve through lifestyle changes to help achieve ideal cardiovascular health, which are:

  • Manage Blood Pressure
  • Control Cholesterol
  • Reduce Blood Sugar
  • Get Active
  • Eat Better
  • Lose Weight
  • Stop Smoking

RoKi Design worked directly with Vanessa over a period of 4 months to finalize this beautiful work.  The AHA holds a special place in the “heart” of the co-founders of RoKi Design. Both have been impacted (personally or through family or friends) by heart related health matters.  Kimberly's story is featured in the video from her speech at the AHA's 2020 Heart Ball Kick-off event this past January.  Kimberly & Roslyn's passion to bring awareness to heart health for women was the inspiration for their collaboration with Vanessa.  There will be a limited quantity of scarves available. For every scarf sold from June 1, 2020 to June 30, 2021, Roki will donate a portion of the proceeds to the America Heart Association's Life Is Why We Give Campaign.  RoKi Design is proud to support the American Heart Association's Life Is Why We Give campaign.  Each scarf will come with a certificate of authenticity from RoKi Design and is hand signed and numbered.






About the Artist:

Fleuriosity is the creation of Vanessa Buchmann, an artist and pattern designer based in the South of England. The inspiration for Fleuriosity's intricate floral collages comes from nature's constant growth and ability to thrive. Vanessa's love of visiting botanical gardens with her camera provides a starting point for new design work.


Fleuriosity has collaborated with companies such as Urban Outfitters for various projects for many years and work can be found on their website. 'Flourishing Lungs' in particular has been popular due to the meaning people find in the idea of growth and new life emerging from within oneself.  Fleuriosity's designs have also been printed onto various apparel and homewares.


The name Fleuriosity was created from Vanessa's imagination in 2015 as a way of reflecting the theme of her curious-style collages, which are constructed with Victorian medical and botanical elements along with hand-drawn illustrations, and rebranding her French sounding 'Cirque D'Art', the Etsy shop originally founded in 2011.

Heart In Bloom for Go Red for Women benefiting the American Heart Association