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The PERFECT Back to School accessory: our RoKi D Scrunchie. You know that scrunchies are BACK and ours are amazing because they're all silk!!! Prefer to wear your hair down or fancy short hair? No problem, you can wear these on your wrist as a silky, lightweight bracelet as well. Whether you wear it as a bracelet or a hair tie, this pattern goes with everything.


These RoKi D pattern beauties were made especially for RoKi Design using RoKi's D silk scarf by the HTX Sewn Collective at Connect Community, a space for refugee women to learn marketable skills and business chops to help them support their families. 


Email us at info@rokidesign. com if you'd like to order custom scrunchies in bulk for your store or team gift giving. Each RoKi scarf nets 20 scrunchies.


RoKi "D" Scrunchie

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