RoKi Silky of Pandemonium is a  28 in (L)  x 2 in  (W) 100% silk twill scarf and an exclusive item designed by visual artist, Zsavon Butler.   Limited edition with numbered and signed certificate of authentication.  The RoKi Silky size scarf is perfect for tieing to your handbag, wrist, around the neck or as a headband (see image of D scarf RoKi Silky on Model's wrist).  IN STOCK - WILL SHIP WITHIN 2 BUSINESS DAYS AFTER ORDER IS RECEIVED.


Please note the images in this listing are of the 35 in square scarf.  Updated images of the RoKi Silky size will be added in the next few weeks.



Contact with any questions.


Zsavon Butler - Artist Statement


My work stems from observing social and cultural events present in today’s society —with a focus on events impacting people, and more specifically people of color.  It portrays my innermost thoughts feelings, and fears motivated by personal life experiences. As an artist, I feel compelled to capture and communicate these themes throughout my work. 


I am an “abstract-figurative” artist and incorporate varying methods and mediums to build a clear, yet masked, visual narrative. My ultimate goal is to reel the viewer in initially based solely on visual aesthetics then captivate them with deeper content

RoKi Silky - Pandemonium by Zsavon Butler