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The Truffle Masters 2020 Scarf was released on January 27, 2020 at the 6th Annual Truffle Masters Event in Houston, Texas hosted by DR Delicacy.  Proceeds from the sale of the scarf benefit Second Servings, a non-profit organization.  The scarf was designed by RoKi through the creative vision of its co-founder Roslyn.  The scarf is a 35in x 35in 100% silk twill material and it highlights the products and story of the owner of DR Delicacy, Diane Roederer.  Diane is from France and currently lives in Houston, Texas.  She owns and operates DR Delicacy which is the Houston purveyor of fresh truffles, mushrooms, pasta and other culinary delites!  The center of the scarf has a detailed image of the Strasbourg Cathedral located in France.  Strasbourg is the city where Diane is from and  the cathedral is surrounded by truffles and truffle shavings.  The blue scroll that surrounds the cathedral contains the word truffle along with other words and meanings in different languages from the cities where Diane imports her truffle products.  It also includes the France and Texas flags, her initials DR monogramed and her family crest in each corner.  We included a hidden gem within the design.  Look very, very closely and you will find it!  There are a select amount of scarves still available for sale TODAY!  Please contact DR Delicacy for additional information and to purchase.

For additional information about Second Servings, please visit:

Truffle Masters 2020 Scarf

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